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2007-11-20 »

Google pre-announces yet another thing

Despite the fact that most people's Google experience has been essentially unchanged since 2004, and despite the fact that Google has a strict policy against pre-announcing or leaking anything, they sure do have a lot of outsiders pre-announcing stuff based on rumours and gut feelings. Today is no exception.


Update 2007/11/20: I wrote this quickie for time-release almost three weeks ago, as a bit of a gag, because Google rumours are always in the news. I'd say the fact that pcolijn reacted to it is a sign that I'm not completely wrong. I found the news link above (weeks ago) by specifically searching for a site that specialized in "google rumours." Then I linked to the main site, not a specific article, to make the link look fresher than my article (and link) actually was. It worked! (My attempt with Apple earlier in the month was less successful.)

Anyway, pcolijn, I wouldn't want to claim that Google is actually pre-announcing anything. But it makes you think: they don't even need to! Just leave enough clues, like patent applications, and the world will pre-announce whatever they want. Yet I could pre-announce Versabanq stuff, and you could start Versabanq rumours as often as you wanted, and nobody would ever care. Google gets to play by different rules, which is why their policy of never pre-announcing actually works for them.

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