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2005-01-28 »

Multiple Intelligence

It's not exactly as if I had nothing better to do, but I was eating while browsing the web last night and randomly clicked on the (yet another statistically invalid) personality test that drheld had linked to. Now, this is perhaps the most statistically invalid psychology experiment I've ever seen, but I won't harp on that.

This test is called the "Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences", ie. a mushified IQ test that everyone can feel good about taking, because you can't fail. And if you do, it's okay: the questions do nothing to test statistical validity of the answers, so just lie! Oops, sorry, I'll stop harping.

Anyway, drheld said he, "not surprisingly", ended up being in the "Logical/Mathematical" category. That sounded sensible to me, so off I went to discover that my fate was identical. Lo and behold, I was wrong: in fact, Logical/Mathematical was third, trailing "Verbal/Linguistic" and "Intrapersonal" (not "Interpersonal", that's another category) by a pretty wide margin.

In other words, I'm a communicator. An introvert communicator. Just shoot me.

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