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2004-08-07 »

(Super)freeswan Super Sucks

...but the world is a better place thanks to ipsec_tunnel and patch that makes isakmpd work with it.

IPsec is a grotesque horror story which barely works and is too complicated to be provably secure. That's bad enough, but when crazy bad-quality programmers get into the picture, you get total nastiness - that is, Freeswan.

On the other hand, ipsec_tunnel is downright straightforward, but only because it skips the key negotiation stuff, expecting you to do it yourself. And isakmpd is actually pretty wonky, but only because it has to do a truly startlingly huge amount of complicated negotiation just to make things work out. I'm pretty sure they made it as configurable as they did just so you have to suffer a little bit, just like they did. But other than the big long boilerplate config file (containing words like "QM-ESP-3DES-SHA-PFS-SUITE"), the programmers are pretty certifiably Not Insane.

And after spending more hours today fighting with bugs in freeswan's pluto daemon, I could definitely use some of that.

Meanwhile, we're thinking of taking my age-old Tunnel Vision and making it use IPsec (ie. ipsec_tunnel, in this case) as the packet-transfer layer. That could have the major advantages of throwing out stupid horrible IKE, plus it would let you auto-negotiate routes like Tunnel Vision always does and IPsec never did. The ESP (tunnel) part of the IPsec standard isn't so bad; it's the key negotiation that sucks, so why not let SSL do it for me? Of course, it wouldn't really be IPsec-compatible then.

The other choice is to keep IKE and add a layer on top of that. The advantage there is that you can gracefully fall back to plain IPsec if the other guy doesn't have Tunnel Vision. But that solution makes me feel guilty, because then I'm just making a bad thing even worse. Oh well...

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