Linux ARCnet HOWTO

Avery Pennarun

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Credits history
Where can I discuss these drivers?
Even more detailed history: the ChangeLog
What kinds of cards can I use?
What kinds of hosts can I connect to?
2. Using the Linux driver
Compiling and installing the driver modules
Unpack the .tar.gz
Edit the makefile
Compile the modules
Install the modules and run depmod
Load the modules and set up the interface
Hardware drivers
com90xx (most common)
com90io (COM90xx with I/O mapped buffers)
RIM I (memory-mapped I/O)
com20020 (a newer chip)
com20020pci (PCI card support)
com20020_cs (PCMCIA card services support)
Encap drivers
RFC1201 (Internet standard)
RFC1051 (Old/simple standard)
Ethernet-encap (used by some NDIS drivers)
Raw mode (build your own packets in userspace)
Wacky routing tricks
3. Drivers for other operating systems
4. Programming details
Writing a hardware driver
Encapsulation drivers
Using the raw mode encap from userspace
5. Handy hardware reference
Introduction to ARCnet
Cabling an arcnet network
Jumper settings and card diagrams